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Recently, I was presented with a wonderful opportunity to join Martina Fink on her new podcast, The Glow Life, to talk about my experiences with Veganism. I loved the conversation we had and I think we touched upon some pretty important subjects. Listen in, and be sure to follow Martina’s website and her podcast!

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Megan Oliver, aka the Crunchy Vegan Gal, is a Blogger, Creator, Influencer, Lifestyle Guru. Her Blog, Crunchy Vegan, is a go-to vegan lifestyle resource that aims to demonstrate how fulfilling and incredible life can be. It’s intended to help others in their journey to live fully and without compromise. Her own journey has been incredibly rewarding and she wants to help others take those steps toward living fully, healthfully, and true to themselves.

Megan promotes brands and services that she truly loves and that feel authentic to her. She loves pizza, pasta, and mac and cheese – of course all vegan – and loves volunteering and standing up for people who don’t have a voice.


  • what Veganism really is and how it’s connected to other areas of life
  • the power of plants and the abundance of flavors in plant-based food
  • why having less makes you feel like you actually have more #detox
  • how you can make a difference in the world with the money you spend
  • why you should focus on yourself and not compare yourself with instagrammers
  • how dressing comfortably can increase your self-confidence
  • why being gentle and living life by example can help you find peace, happiness and love

And so much more!


Eating Animals – Jonathan Safran Foer
Food Rules – Michael Pollan
How Not To Die – Gene Stone / Michael Greger


Thank you so much for listening to this episode! I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! If you can think of anyone in your life who could benefit from this episode, please share it with them right now! <3


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