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My name is Kelsey. I live in Victoria, B.C. and I’ve lived most of my twenties being vegan! Every vegan has started somewhere, even the chosen ones born into veganism for which I am eternally jealous. Here is the short version of my ‘somewhere’.

I have been vegan for almost 5 years, but it didn’t happen overnight. Being vegetarian was a gradual change over multiple years until the day that I made a bet with a college friend to go vegan for just one month.

Yes, like most horrible cheesy 90’s teen flicks, my story also has a bet in it. In the first week, I was so incredibly unprepared and ate granola, Gardein and peanut butter sandwiches, because I honestly thought that the vegan diet would be so limiting.

But I was oh so wrong!

There have been foods I would have never touched otherwise along with places and people and books I would have never considered if I hadn’t taken on this bet. Not so much a bet, but a challenge to face life in a different light. To do it for the animals, the environment and for myself who at a very young age understood the deep connection to nature and all its creatures, not just the furry ones we call pets. The decision to go vegan has completely changed my life and I can never see myself going back.

The night before this bet took place, I devoured a cheese pizza thinking I was kissing cheese goodbye and all delicious foods. Yet becoming vegan has not only altered my taste buds, but sparked creativity in my kitchen. It has opened a whole new world where coconut cream can be whipped, cauliflower can be buffalo wings and cashews can make creamy cheesecakes and fool proof cheese! When I look back on this bet, I realize that my friend and I both won and we continue to every single day.

I would love to share my experiences, stories and tips on being vegan in the modern world. The world where unfortunately vegans get bombarded with hypothetical questions like “if you were on a deserted island and meat was your only food option, would you eat it!?” and having to convince omnivores that a vegan diet is delicious and has more variety than just lettuce. In fact, I often indulge in vegan junk food from cashew based ice cream, delectable donuts and homemade cookies — my weakness.


In 5 years, the word ‘vegan’ has changed and evolved into something I never imagined. It has created a community of friendly, intelligent people experimenting with ingredients and spreading the knowledge in either Instagram posts, recipe books or documentaries. I remember when Daiya was the only ‘cheese’ option in my local grocery store and finding Go Max Go chocolate bars was striking gold. Now there are a plethora of products ranging from oodles of plant based milks to fishless filets to so much mac and cheese! And I want to try them all and spread the love and share it on this blog!

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