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Me: 1 Year Ago Today

I am thoroughly impressed when I think back and compare where I was one year ago with where I am today. There have been substantial shifts in my lifestyle and improvements in my health, wellness, and happiness. I did that. I made that happen. I’m the driving force behind my own, crucial  transformation.


It’s been a tumultuous journey (to say the least); and there has been no shortage of hurdles—divorce, family health issues, selling a home, moving, and keeping up at work through an excessive number of days out of the office—but I finally feel like things are settling.

Quite the List of Achievements

As I look back, I see how I’ve accomplished and achieved so much in just 365 days. For instance, I have:

  • Amped my fitness routine with (almost) daily yoga and regular classes at the Movement Lab
  • Prioritized family more
  • Fostered a close-knit group of friends and focused on surrounding myself with quality individuals
  • Re-launched the Crunchy Vegan site and blog
  • Met a personal goal by producing the Vegan Starter Kit
  • Found love for myself, my appearance, my personality, and what makes me an individual
  • Completed a leadership training program through work
  • Celebrated 30 rotations around the sun
  • Made time for travel (so far, in 2018 alone, I’ve planned trips for a BVF Beach weekend, Toronto, Italy, and soon-to-visit Arizona!)
  • Introduced healthier foods into my diet
  • Cultivated habits that I’ve wanted to develop for YEARS to be more organized and in-control
  • Begun meditating, keeping a gratitude journal, and practicing emotional/mental self-care
  • Sold a home and invested in my financial future
  • Eliminated clutter and negativity
  • Let go of commitments and responsibilities which didn’t serve me and which, as a result, I didn’t fully serve
  • Looked critically and deeply into myself and my life to make sure I’m headed down the right path

While I’ve definitely noticed physical changes, most of my transformation has been internal. It feels as though I took control of a runaway train—the rails were there all along, but I had forgotten where the track was headed and I gradually lost stability.

It’s Not Over Yet

In some ways, there’s a great deal more to be done. I feel I’ve become more selfish. I try to remain mindful of that. I want to prioritize my needs, sure, but not by eroding the foundations of my relationships.  I recognize that there’s a long way to go. I want to meditate more. I want to find my voice. I want to get back to volunteering as often as I used to. I want to have more “me” time. I want to develop strength. I want to learn, to explore, to relish in the discoveries of the world around me.

Me, on a particularly relevant day

But I know I could achieve none of that had I not taken the steps I needed to find myself here today. So I will continue to echo my mantras as my guides:

Don’t settle. Don’t let anyone else tell you who you should be. Take no shit, but don’t dish it out, either. Be kind. Be humble. Be grateful. Open your eyes. Welcome the day….everyday.

I hope you can reflect on similar growth and look ahead as you continue to find and stabilize your own path!

Happy World Transformation Day!

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