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How I’ve Transformed Completely in 365 Days

I am thoroughly impressed when I think back and compare where I was one year ago with where I am today. There have been substantial shifts in my lifestyle and improvements in my health, wellness, and happiness. I did that. I made that happen. I'm the driving force...
Apple farmers market

Why I’m Buying Mostly Local and Zeroish Waste this Summer

It's hard to start a new habit, but I love a good challenge and it always seems to be the first step in kickstarting good behavior. So this summer, from June 1st to August 31st, I'll strive to live a life that's mostly local and zeroish waste. Let's be honest: these...
Graffiti Alley in Toronto

Vegan Travel in Toronto

After a recent girls' weekend trip to Toronto, Canada, I just keep dreaming of the yummy food and the great experiences. It was a great visit and I can't wait to go back to this vegan-friendly city! The Crunchy Vegan Toronto Travel Plan Where to Stay: 3 Nights in a...


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Crunchy Vegan offers real value by capturing the latest news, knowledge, products, and experiences that make vegan living both easy and enjoyable. As a collective of inspired movers and shakers, Crunchy Vegan envisions a world without suffering or exploitation—and we’re forging the path ahead.

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Yet, there’s no need to sacrifice who we are or what we love when embarking on a path toward veganism. Through veganism, people are unearthing their most authentic selves, honing their ethics, and living compassionately. As we cultivate kindness and tread gently on this Earth, we continue to radiate the vibrant individuality within us all.

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