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Free Download for Vegan Starter Kit

Vegan Starter Kit to Kickstart 2018: Year of the Vegan

Just in time for the new year, a gift for my readers: here's a Crunchy Vegan Starter Kit to help you and others in the journey to veganism. A new year, a new opportunity. I must say, my 2017 ended in a whirlwind. So I'll certainly be taking some time this January to...

Be Brave, Keep Going.

Be brave, keep going. These are the words inscribed on a bracelet I recently received as a gift, and as “trendy” as phrases like this are, it’s nevertheless become a sort of mantra for me lately. Typically, I internalize struggles when things get challenging—very few...

Hungry for Vegan Chocolate

“I had to come out! Baltimore doesn’t get many events like this!” This sentiment, shared by one gleeful shopper at the Charm School Chocolate Spring Pop-Up Shop this past weekend, is echoed throughout Baltimore’s vegan community. Folks here are hungry for more vegan...

Thousands Visit Baltimore World Vegan Mac ‘n Cheese Championship

This past Saturday, people traveled from across the country for the 2018 World Vegan Mac 'n Cheese Championship. Baltimore's third vegan mac and cheese championship, hosted by Thrive Baltimore, featured 29 worthy contenders—some from as far as Portland, Oregon.   A...


Crunchy Vegan is a companion for your journey to discover yourself through veganism.


Blazing the Trail

Crunchy Vegan offers real value by capturing the latest news, knowledge, products, and experiences that make vegan living both easy and enjoyable. As a collective of inspired movers and shakers, Crunchy Vegan envisions a world without suffering or exploitation—and we’re forging the path ahead.

Without Compromise or Sacrifice

Yet, there’s no need to sacrifice who we are or what we love when embarking on a path toward veganism. Through veganism, people are unearthing their most authentic selves, honing their ethics, and living compassionately. As we cultivate kindness and tread gently on this Earth, we continue to radiate the vibrant individuality within us all.

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Top 10 Vegan Dorm Staples

Living on campus can be super convenient! Not only do you get a meal plan, but you're super close to all your classes and school facilities. However, when time is in a crunch and you don't have time to stop at the dining hall, it's important that you are able to make...

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