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Taking Lola’s Lead

My life completely changed a few years ago after I first experienced the energy radiating from one fierce woman and her innovative endeavor. To tell more about her and her work first requires that I share a bit about the impact she has had in my life. I always...

At 31, I’m 365 Days Debt-Free

Today marks one year of living debt free. At 31 years old, I'd say this might be one of my proudest accomplishments. Unfortunately, few other millennials are in this boat with me. In fact, 81% of millennials live with debt—with an average price tag of $67,000! So how...
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Post-Hiatus Hello

Well it's been a minute, wouldn't you say? Aside from Crunchy Vegan's activity on Instagram, it's been a whole lot of silence over here. Without warning, I took a little hiatus. Let's Get Personal Typically, I don't include much about my personal life. But that's...

Lamenting the War on Street Food

"Street food is one of the most intimate ways to understand a place or culture, but cities rarely provide that experience anymore." As we sat down to watch the new Netflix series, "Street Food," my boyfriend lamented a noticeable absence of the same bustling street...

Immersive Planning Engagement

In 1909, the "Burnham Plan" for Chicago was introduced to grade school children to promote the value of planning to the next generation of civic participants. When I traveled to Copenhagen in 2016, an "Our Urban Living Room" exhibit series promoted city planning...
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Food as Introduction to Place

The Guardian says, if you want to experience a place more fully, "eat somewhere dubious." I love cities. I also love food. What happenstance!? My love of cities and food collide to afford me magnificent opportunities to experience places in a different light....


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Crunchy Vegan offers real value by capturing the latest news, knowledge, products, and experiences that make vegan living both easy and enjoyable. As a collective of inspired movers and shakers, Crunchy Vegan envisions a world without suffering or exploitation—and we’re forging the path ahead.


Without Compromise or Sacrifice

Yet, there’s no need to sacrifice who we are or what we love when embarking on a path toward veganism. Through veganism, people are unearthing their most authentic selves, honing their ethics, and living compassionately. As we cultivate kindness and tread gently on this Earth, we continue to radiate the vibrant individuality within us all.

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Vegan Tattoo

Tattoos are a bold form of expression. Oftentimes, they can help their wearer reveal stories and characteristics about themselves that are meaningful, but might not otherwise be obvious. In this way, tattoos are personally significant. For vegans, what goes into the...

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