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Okay, so while I stayed overnight in Myrtle Beach, I technically spent most of my time in a quaint little town called Conway.

The region was surprisingly not very vegan friendly—particularly during the off-season. Thus, I had quite a few not-really-newsworthy meals…not only bad-tasting, but also quite un-photogenic! That being said, I also had some amazing meals! Truly! So allow me to share my experiences.

Mr. Fish Seafood Restaurant

So part of being a traveling consultant who is part of a team is that I am not the only one with say over our restaurant selections. But this place promised sushi, so I obliged. I don’t recall there being much else on the menu that was vegan/veganizable. But the sushi actually was really good! The vegetable roll was a surprise with bell pepper in it! Not something you see in Maryland vegetable rolls! And (of course) the avocado roll.



Jerusalem Mediterranean Restaurant & Bar | Myrtle Beach

On our second night, we had a feast at Jerusalem Mediterranean Restaurant. From hummus and falafel, to baba ganoush and potato dumplings, it was so incredibly filling. It was a bit awkward being one of only two tables filling this rather large restaurant, but I assume it’s more full during the peak season.

205 N Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577



Rivertown Bistro | Conway

If you know me, you’ll be well aware that salads are my least favorite food—quite literally. But the Thai salad from Rivertown Bistro was absolutely divine! A bit salty, but a great mix of flavors, and I loved the crunch. In a small town, it’s rare to find such superb dining that also offers veg-friendly meals. In fact, we enjoyed Rivertown Bistro so much, we went back for a second day. The  grilled veggie pita sandwich was fantastic! Hold the cotija cheese. The sandwich has got eggplant, red peppers, and a romesco sauce. It was so delightful! Rivertown made being vegan in downtown Conway a pleasant experience—not a ton on their menu but it was all delicious! Side note, I’m 99% sure the macaroni salad was not vegan, but I didn’t ask about it, nor did I try it. I didn’t even know the dish came with it!

1111 3rd Ave, Conway, SC 29526




Redi-et Ethiopian Cuisine | Myrtle Beach

The food at Redi-et was amazing! Only my second time having Ethiopian but it was phenomenal! Everything at Redi-et Ethiopian on their “vegetarian menu” is 100% vegan.

746 Main St, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577



Hotel + Airport Food

And, of course, I’ve saved the least glamorous for last. While traveling for business, not all meals are grand. In fact, most meals are on the go, in your car, from the hotel, or at the airport—as was the case for me on this trip.

It might not be easy to create an edible, healthy looking breakfast from hotel buffets, but while everyone else is filling up on greasy bacon, scrambled eggs, and coffee with creamer, I’m fueling up on oatmeal topped with brown sugar, peanut butter, and walnuts, served with a sliced banana and a side of breakfast potatoes, and some pretty good OJ (considering it came out of a soda machine!!).

I also enjoyed a meal at Salsarita’s in the Charlotte airport during my layover. Not superb, I’ll be honest. The service was bleh and when we arrived it looked like a bomb had gone off and everyone left mid-meal, their tables never to be bused. The food was also lackluster. Alas, this is the reality of eating on the go. I’m happy to know there are options. I just wish there were more.


So, my trip to South Carolina was pleasant, and I’d be curious to experience Myrtle Beach and Conway during peak season.


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