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Recently, I wrote about the value of having vegan friends in your life. The idea for the post came after I spent a delightful weekend with seven beautiful vegan souls. It was everything I wanted … and more.

It’s difficult to explain the feeling of being there—I felt fully myself. So, allow me to make you jealous with the wonders of my trip.

Great People

My group of vegan friends (we affecionately call ourselves the #BmoreVeganFam) are so terrific. We’re a bunch of social justice warriors. We come from different backgrounds and have very different interests, but we all connect over our shared love of vegan food, of animals, and of life.

Photo by Bryan Barnes

Great Fun

I was in stitches half the time, laughing so hard at everyone’s different senses of humor. Jokes were made, omnivores were mocked, and many games were played. One game in particular, One Night Ultimate Werewolf, had us falling out of our seats—no, jumping out—to debate who the werewolf among us could be! Some played chess, others were huge bums (actually, I think that was just me), and others engaged in hobbies. But we were always together.

Photo by Bryan Barnes

Oh, and did I mention that we had an impromptu photoshoot on the beach? Yea. That happened. Check out some of the awesome photos by our very own Bryan Barnes:

Great Environment

Ocean City, Maryland, is not the most fabulous of beach resorts, but when you take out some of the unsavory characters from the summer months and go mid-winter, it’s actually quite serene! And, just my vegan luck, it was incredibly warm to boot! We couldn’t have asked for a better weekend!

Great Food

Last (but certainly not least), we had such incredible noms all weekend long! In fact, the idea for a beach weekend stemmed from an idea for a breakfast-themed potluck, which turned into a sleepover, which turned into “hey, my dad has this place at the beach…”

Long story short, a potluck which would have spanned just a few short hours turned into a two-night ordeal. And the food quadrupled! I must admit, I contributed NOTHING to the potluck save for mimosas…I hadn’t the time to shop. But no worry, my Bmore Vegan Fam pulled through. And we ate. We ate in 30 minute intervals from 7:30 in the morning until 5:30 that evening. It was awful. . . but oh-so amazing!  Be jealous:

All-in-All a Great Time

Overall, it was one of the most memorable, restorative, and happy weekends I’ve enjoyed in my entire life. I am so lucky to have such an awesome Bmore Vegan Fam!

Photos by Bryan Barnes unless stated otherwise.

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