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What would a virtual vegfest look like? We all know how wonderful vegan festivals are in person—but what if we took them online? Well, I have an idea…

Starting a business ain’t easy. Nor is it cheap. The creatives who launch their own business work hard to make it thrive. And oftentimes, they end up paying more than they’re comfortable with to get in front of a crowd. I’m sure that’s the case for a lot of the exhibitors who chose to participate in DC VegFest this year. It’s the largest free veg fest on the East Coast, and typically one of my favorites (despite the lines). It’s a fantastic way for businesses to get in front of their ideal vegan audience. This year, however, Hurricane Florence came around and messed everything up. DC VegFest was cancelled this morning. With no contingency plan from the festival organizers, the vendors are S.O.L.—no customers, no sales, and no refund.

Yep, you read that right. The DC VegFest is unable to offer the exhibitors a refund, nor can any of that money be put toward 2019 registration fees. Essentially, the vendors are forced to forfeit the costly fee they paid to register for the festival. For some of these businesses, the registration fee was everything. 

But amazing things happen when we come together as a community and support other vegans. That’s part of why DC VegFest and other veg festivals are so rewarding—because you get to witness a passionate community showing up for one another. So just because the festival in DC was cancelled, that doesn’t mean we can’t still support each other!

Virtual VegFest, Saturday September 15th

This Saturday, September 15th—when you would have been attending DC VegFest—join me in celebrating a Virtual VegFest with all the same vendors who signed up for DC VegFest! Head online to these shops (or visit some in person, if you’re able to and it’s safe to do so). Show them your love and support by making a purchase. Fill your carts! Just wait for Hurricane Florence to pass before you expect anything to be shipped ? And be safe y’all!

Eat good. Shop good.

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