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While a lot of people will understand the motivation to be vegetarian, many people are less sure of why someone who choose vegan. Specifically, there seems to be a misunderstanding regarding the production of milk. Dairy cows endure some grueling treatment—from the trauma of forced insemination to the emotional devastation of having their resulting calf stolen from them and the ongoing physical exploitation of them for their milk. Male calves often end up on dinner plates in the form of veal, while female calves are entered into the same machine-like cycle their mothers have endured for years.

Ditch Dairy

When I learned about the details of the dairy industry, I chose to protest that mistreatment and to support the right for bodily autonomy. As a woman, I seek protections for that same right. It wouldn’t be appropriate to ignore the ways that non-human animals face similar injustices.

In honor of #cowappreciationday, join me in ditching dairy!

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Megan has been veg since June 2002. She is a passionate advocate for animal welfare, social justice, and environmental protection. When she’s not snapping photos of her food, spending time with her “vegan fam,” or writing about veganism, she’s exploring, she’s creating, and she’s working with residents and communities as an urban planner to shape the future of our towns and cities.

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