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Welcome to Crunchy Vegan! 

We are a resource for veganism, sharing knowledge of the vegan lifestyle in order to encourage others to make choices according to their own values, and to encourage ourselves to be healthier, more compassionate, and more aware in the process.

The intent is to serve vegans and non-vegans alike. Together, we can realize a more compassionate and more humane world.


Why Crunchy?

To most, the thought of a vegan often conjures images of a yoga-doing, peace-loving, tree-hugging hippie. And while that image might not be accurate all of the time, the connection between veganism and environmentalism is strong.

Environmental writing won’t overwhelm this site, but it is an important value for us, and will be explored and celebrated.


Why Vegan?

Veganism is a rich and fulfilling lifestyle. It’s a way of living consciously and compassionately. And not only is the vegan lifestyle an effective way to have a positive impoact on the world — from eating more sustainably to ending animal cruelty — but it also helps us live a life that is in-line with our own values.

When asked, most would agree that the planet is worth stewarding, and that animals should not be abused. Yet, because of cognitive dissonance, because of misleading marketing, it’s challenging to make the connection between what we eat and the impacts we’re having on the world.

Upon going vegan, a great burden of internal conflict is lifted and we can live comfortably knowing that our every breath as a vegan is contributing to a more just, sustainable, and humane world.

Crunchy Vegan is intended to be a resource. It can serve long-time vegans, but at the same time help omnivores in their journey to remove animal products from their lives. The content will range from providing easy, familiar recipes to offering travel tips, from shopping resources to personal reflections on life as a vegan, and everything in between.

My life changed drastically — for the better — when I went vegan. I’d like to help you share that same experience!

Now, please look around, stay a while, and enjoy your visit!

-The Crunchy Vegan Gal

We are not a health organization. Crunchy Vegan does not claim to be an expert on health, fitness, or nutrition. Where medical or nutritional information is provided, we strive to cite reputable sources. While we know that we can live happily and adequately on a vegan diet, you should consult your doctor for any specific questions.