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Crunchy Vegan is a resource for vegans and vegan-businesses alike! We are passionate about supporting the vegan movement—whether that’s in the form of eating vegan food, promoting vegan products, or visiting vegan destinations—and we would be thrilled to collaborate with you to amplify your message.

If you would like team up with Crunchy Vegan as an affiliate, please contact Megan (the Crunchy Vegan Gal) at

Opportunities for Affiliation Include:

Working with the Crunchy Vegan Gal as a Brand Ambassador | The Crunchy Vegan Gal is proudly partnering with Mobtown Fermentation as a Brand Ambassador.

Providing samples for product reviews | We are always excited to sample and review new vegan products and services for our followers. In the past, we’ve sampled new packaged foods and have tested plant-based meal delivery services, such as VegTable Foods.

Providing products or supplies for giveaways | We love giveaways because we see them as a win-win-win scenario—Crunchy Vegan connects with our followers while marketing your product, and the lucky winners receive free goodies! We can run giveaway campaigns to feature individual products or to highlight a collection of different products.

Advertising on our website | The Crunchy Vegan website does not yet support paid advertising but we are exploring the potential and identifying the logistics so that we can offer vegan companies a new platform.

For any inquiries or offers, please contact Megan at

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