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Often, in the vegan community, we introduce ourselves with the qualifier: ” I’m vegan for…”

I’m vegan for the animals.

I’m vegan for the planet.

I’m vegan for the food.

I’m vegan for my health.

Certainly, we sometimes use whatever someone claims as their motivation as a reason to judge their veganism (guilty). I may not say it out loud, but I 100% have a bias, and I hear my inner voice respond, “Oh, you’re vegan for your health? So really, you’re more ‘plant-based’ than ‘vegan’, huh”… this distinction comes with another load of baggage… with assumptions about someone being more selfish than selfless. It’s ironic, but I’ve come to realize something.

I’m vegan for myself.

Seeing myself as my new favorite motivation for being vegan, I’ll argue, is entirely selfless. Because with this decision I’m saying, I don’t need anyone else to justify why I do or do not make decisions. I’ll live according to my own values, regardless of the status quo. In doing so, my values support the communal good. It’s a weird twist, I understand. But this idea that I’m existing outside the status quo, finding empathy as I rebel against the apathy, is the theme of a recent interview I did with the athletic apparel brand, Loony Legs.

To be clear, I get no sponsorship nor commission from Loony Legs, I honestly just love them so much! They’re a female-founded, sustainability-oriented, waste-minimal, full-of-life company that plants a tree with every order. If these aren’t my people, I don’t know who is!

As I’ve immersed myself more into the world of fitness, this brand has given me a greater sense of belonging. They’ve helped me reinforce a path that diverges from the mainstream in pursuit of greater alignment with my values and personality. And they remind me to love myself, too.

I never saw myself as being vegan for health reasons (my love of nachos and French fries is far too extreme for me to be considered a health nut!). Yet, here I am, finding that balance between delicious, decadent, mouthwatering vegan treats and a healthy routine of physical activity and exercise! Perhaps I came to realize that I can’t very well claim to love all beings if I don’t show my own body that same love.

Snippet from my interview with Loony Legs.

You can read the full interview here:

And once you’ve read it, you’ll surely be convinced that you also want to support such a stellar company. So you can get 15% off with the code MEG15. Again, no commission earned, I just want to share the love!!

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