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Fare-Well 2017 | Best Vegan Meals of 2017

Well, 2017 sure was...something. Honestly, it was a bit challenging for me. But I'm happy to say that the challenging experiences were punctuated by delicious meals. It was another year of good eatin'! Last year, I summarized the 16 best vegan meals of 2016, focusing...

Vegan Starter Kit to Kickstart 2018: Year of the Vegan

Just in time for the new year, a gift for my readers: here's a Crunchy Vegan Starter Kit to help you and others in the journey to veganism. A new year, a new opportunity. I must say, my 2017 ended in a whirlwind. So I'll certainly be taking some time this January to...

A Year of Vegan Recipes

Our monthly in-season and local food guides identified some scrumptious recipes, which have all been compiled in this convenient list!

Thousands Visit Baltimore World Vegan Mac ‘n Cheese Championship

This past Saturday, people traveled from across the country for the 2018 World Vegan Mac 'n Cheese Championship. Baltimore's third vegan mac and cheese championship, hosted by Thrive Baltimore, featured 29 worthy contenders—some from as far as Portland, Oregon.   A...


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Crunchy Vegan offers real value by capturing the latest news, knowledge, products, and experiences that make vegan living both easy and enjoyable. As a collective of inspired movers and shakers, Crunchy Vegan envisions a world without suffering or exploitation—and we’re forging the path ahead.


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Yet, there’s no need to sacrifice who we are or what we love when embarking on the path toward veganism. Through veganism, people are unearthing their most authentic selves, honing their ethics, and living compassionately. As we cultivate our kindness and tread gently on this Earth, we can continue to radiate the vibrant individuality within us all.

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Vegan Tattoo

Vegan Tattoo

Tattoos are a bold form of expression. Oftentimes, they can help their wearer reveal stories and characteristics about themselves that are meaningful, but might not otherwise be obvious. In this way, tattoos are personally significant. For vegans, what goes into the...

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