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The beaches of Maryland and Delaware are big vacation destinations, but they still feel largely vegan un-friendly. To thrive as a beach vegan in Ocean City, MD or Delaware resorts like Bethany and Rehoboth, it’s best to arrive prepared.


I usually will visit these beaches a few times a year. I’m also usually the only vegan in my group (with the exception of vegan beach weekend with my #bmoreveganfam earlier this year). I know how hard it can be to coordinate group meals, especially when you’re the only vegan, and it’s particularly difficult when there aren’t many vegan options to begin with. So hopefully a resource like this can prove helpful.

While the area vegan community is still pretty quiet, it is expanding. There’s even a Rehoboth VegFest every June. So rest assured that you can have an enjoyable vacation at the MD/DE shore and find some good vegan eats.

img_1730Vegan grocery items aren’t too hard to come by, but they might be more expensive than you’re accustomed to. I still like to support the local natural foods markets (listed below with an ‘*’), but before I travel, I typically buy some key items from home and bring them along. Having a stocked fridge and pantry keeps me full between meals at some of the local vegan, vegetarian, and veg-friendly restaurants.

I’ve compiled a list of vegan-friendly places in the area. I haven’t eaten at all of these places, personally, but I received a number of recommendations from the community on the Baltimore Vegans Facebook group. If you’re planning on visiting one of these beaches, definitely check out some of these great eateries!

Thriving as a Beach Vegan

Ocean City, Maryland

Blue Fish

Small Japanese/Thai fusion restaurant serving sushi with veggie options and tofu dishes.

Culture (sister restaurant: Shark on the Harbor)

Fat Daddy’s

Has a veggie burger, will need to confirm if it’s vegan-friendly.

The Greenhouse

Juice Shack by Berlin Organics

Kinda Jerky Really Nutty

Malia’s Cafe

Mother’s Cantina

My Thai

*Ocean City Organics

Ocean City Organics Beach Vegan

Piaza Fresh

Has vegan cheese.

Real Raw Organics

Über Bagels

Delaware Beaches

Bethany Beach

14 Global

Big Chill Beach Club

The veggie burger is vegan, but I’m unsure if it’s cooked on a separate grill from the meat.

Bethany Beach Vegan

Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop

*Good Earth Market

Good Earth Market Bethany Beach Vegan

Juice Box


Rehoboth Beach


No vegan options are listed on their menu—you have to call ahead and make plans with Chef Hari, but it’s worth the trouble and very tasty.

Arena’s Deli & Bar

Cilantro Cocina de Mexico

Dos Locos

Dreamer Coffee and Juice Bar

Falafel Hut

*Good News Natural Foods

Good News Natural Foods Rehoboth Beach Vegan

Grandpa (Mac)

Vegan mac and cheese, chili and vegan Caesar salad

Green Man Juice Bar and Bistro

*Grub Grocery

Juice Fresh

Lily Thai

Request that vegetarian items be made egg-free/vegan.


Has weekly meatless Monday items.


Twist Juice Bar

Schell Brothers Coffee House

Offerings almond, soy and coconut milk coffee drinks; HUGE vegan oatmeal breakfast – share it!

The Cultured Pearl Sushi Bar

Upscale Asian fusion restaurant; vegan options marked and more available.

Coastal Highway/Lewes

Crooked Hammock Brewery

Several vegetarian options that can be served vegan; fun place to drink/hang out.

Dewey Beer Co.

A few vegetarian options (pasta, salad, hummus) that can be served vegan.

*Good Earth Market

Nectar Cafe and Juice Bar

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