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Drink Coffee. Save Animals.

That’s the slogan of the Maryland-based coffee roaster, Brewing Good Coffee Company.


Happy National Coffee Day! To celebrate, I am so very excited to share with you information about a Maryland-based, VEGAN craft roastery!

Brewing Good Coffee Company is a vegan-owned craft roaster of fair trade, organic coffees. They donate 10% of proceeds each month to an animal rescue or advocacy nonprofit. Brewing Good Coffee Company Co-founders Justin Leonard and Karla Goodson are coffee enthusiasts with a desire to do more to help animals. We’re also dedicated dog parents – shout out to August, Jessie, and Mr. Jim!

While they’re mainly an online business (via their website), Brewing Good Coffee Company does several farmers’ markets in central MD, and their coffee is available in both Roots Market locations.

We’re told the company has some exciting stuff coming down the pipe. Check for an announcement later this week!

You can learn more about Brewing Good Coffee on their website, and you can also find and like Brewing Good Coffee on social media:

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Thanks, Karla and Justin, for saving the animals and saving adults from coffee-less mornings!

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