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Top 10 Vegan Dorm Staples

Living on campus can be super convenient! Not only do you get a meal plan, but you’re super close to all your classes and school facilities. However, when time is in a crunch and you don’t have time to stop at the dining hall, it’s important that you are able to make food in your dorm that can get you through the day. Here is a list of the top 10 vegan staples I think all vegan students need in their dorms.

1. Oats

Bowl of Oatmeal

As they say, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day!” Oats are such a quick and easy breakfast to make,  you have no excuse to skip! Pop them into the microwave while you’re getting dressed or make some overnight oats. In college, it’s especially important to make sure you are providing yourself with enough fuel to get yourself through your classes!

2. Non-Dairy Milk


Having non-dairy milk in your dorm is guaranteed to come in handy! Use it for breakfast, add it to your coffee, or make some hot cocoa in your dorm. I would recommend purchasing the milks that come in the cardboard boxes (they’re called Tetra Paks), as they have a longer shelf life, and you can buy many at once.

3. Seasonings


Life can always use a little spicing up! Whether I’m trying to bring some life to a quick meal that I whipped up in my dorm, or am trying to revive a dish from the dining hall, I always rely on a few handy seasonings to come to my rescue!

  • Cinnamon: Great for breakfast, or even sprinkling on snacks such as fruit or popcorn.
  • Red pepper flakes: I love spicy food so I can never have enough red pepper! You can also go for black pepper for a milder flavour.
  • Salt: Not a really a “seasoning” but something that will definitely be used when the dining hall fails you.
  • Garlic powder: Great for savory dishes that you make in your dorm.
  • Hot sauce: Like I said, I love spicy food—I put hot sauce on everything! Whether you like the ever-popular sriracha or have your own go-to, this will be a great addition!

4. Rice

Brown Rice

Rice is a great foundation for any dish you whip up in your dorm! It’s cheap, super easy to cook in your microwave, and takes little to no effort! Top it off with whatever you’d like to make a healthy and balanced meal!  Rice not your thing? Try Quinoa! It’s packed full of protein and has a great nutty flavor!

5. Peanut Butter

Roasted Peanuts

love peanut butter!!!! I could eat it  by the spoonful! I especially love adding it to overnight oats or eating it with fruit, like apples or bananas! Peanut butter is also a great afternoon pick me up for when I don’t have time for a snack but am feeling hungry. It really helps me get through the afternoon until dinner.

6. Frozen Vegetables

Mixed Vegetables

I know there is such a stigma towards frozen vegetables, but I really don’t see why that is the case. Frozen vegetables are picked and frozen at the peak of their freshness, so they have just as much (or maybe even more) nutritional value compared to fresh produce you may purchase. With that said, frozen vegetables are great to have in your freezer for whenever you need to bulk up or add some life to a dish. My favorites are frozen spinach, peas, corn, and the varieties of stir-fry mixes.

7. Popcorn


Popcorn is my #1 favorite dorm snack! It’s super filling, delicious, and depending on the brand of microwave popcorn (or if you make your own microwave popcorn), it can be super healthy, as well! Spice things up by adding some of your handy dorm seasonings to the bag:cinnamon and sugar, garlic and pepper—let your imagination run wild!

8.Trail Mix/Snack Mix

Snack Mix

Have you ever been in class while your professor is lecturing, and suddenly your stomach decides this is its big moment for a grande opera debut? When a snack attack like that hits, I love reaching into my bag for some trail mix. You can either buy your favorite brand, or mix up your favorite nuts, dried fruits, cereals, pretzels, or popcorn to make your own!

9. Instant Coffee

Black Coffee

Coffee and college go hand in hand! For those late nights when you are finishing up a paper or studying for a big test, or those mornings when keeping your eyes open just doesn’t seem like a possibility, having coffee in your dorm is going to be very useful. It’s way cheaper than always going to a coffee shop, and you have more control over how black, sweet, or creamy you like your coffee.

10. Chocolate

Chocolate Bar

Something that many people in college forget but that is just important as studying, is taking time to relax and take care of yourself. Even if just for a few minutes, take time to unwind, and appreciate the being that you are. For me, a little wedge of chocolate is the perfect treat to the end of a long and busy day. Whatever it is for you, make sure that you aren’t undermining all the hard work you put in.

So that’s it! Keep these 10 vegan dorm staples in your room and you’ll be set to take on the world!

About the Author:

Eloise is a sophomore, pre-medical neuroscience major at the University of Texas. She grew up in a West African household and has been vegan for the past 5 years. Eloise has a passion for food, and making people fall in love with veganism!

Crunchy Vegan is a resource for veganism, sharing knowledge of the vegan lifestyle in order to encourage others to make choices according to their own values, and to encourage ourselves to be healthier, more compassionate, and more aware in the process.

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