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As if there weren’t already enough snacks in my house following my recent visit to the Natural Products Expo East, I came home on Saturday (the last day of the Expo) to find my Vegan Cuts September snack subscription box had arrived.

Interestingly, a lot of what was included in the box were items I also sampled at the Expo—so if you are a Vegan Cuts subscriber but missed the trade show, you’re in luck! What’s more, some of those items were also among my favorites at the Expo (like Karma Nuts!).

Song: “You and Me” by Ehrling

The Vegan Cuts September 2017 Snack Box includes:

  1. The Soulful Project | Hot cereal cup
  2. Vegan Robs | Superfood spinach and matcha-based kettle chips [gf]
  3. The Gluten Free Bar | Dark chocolate coconut bites [gf]
  4. R.E.D.D. | Gluten-free mint chocolate superfood energy bar [gf]
  5. Taste Nirvana | Coconut water [gf]
  6. MRM | Veggie meal replacement powder [gf]
  7. D’s Naturals | Raspberry and dark chocolate truffle-flavored “No Cow” bar [gf]
  8. Karma Nuts | Roasted or wrapped cashews [gf]
  9. R Bar | Peanut butter and jelly energy bar [gf]
  10. Betty Lou’s | Protein-packed energy balls [gf]
  11. Enjoy Life Foods | Chocolate and sunseed butter bites [gf]
  12. Follow Your Heart | Coupon for one free cheese [gf]
  13. Bonus snacks (I received I Heart Keenwah | Chocolate puffs and Wow Butter | Nut Butter)

As always, check the Crunchy Vegan Gal Instagram for reviews!

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Megan has been veg since June 2002. She is a passionate advocate for animal welfare, social justice, and environmental protection. When she’s not snapping photos of her food, spending time with her “vegan fam,” or writing about veganism, she’s exploring, she’s creating, and she’s working with residents and communities as an urban planner to shape the future of our towns and cities.

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