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You may have noticed I’ve been posting less frequently. Well…

Okay, so plants don’t really have feelings, but they can sorta maybe, quite possibly, kinda sense when they’re being touched!! (Srsly, you guys!) So they could totally feel us eating them, right!? And, I mean, really…this is the last straw. How can I be vegan knowing this!? I am a horrible person!!


Since I can’t avoid the fact that plants might feel, I might as well give up on this whole vegan thing and go back to supporting the slaughter of animals, you know? Because, like, the suffering is equal and if you can’t stop the suffering to one, why stop the suffering to any, right? So, yeah. As of today, I’m no longer a vegan. Because plants have feelings, too.

Hahaha! Psych!! (Do people still say psych?)

Anyway, in case you couldn’t tell by the date of this post, it is very much intended as a joke for APRIL FOOLS!!! Veganism is not a diet. It’s a lifestyle. And it’s not one that I will ever, EVER change. 

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